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Onilne Dating Tips

Ever wondered how to make the best of your membership? Follow these tips and you'll be on your way to online dating heaven. Follow the lead of people who are now in relationships and who have cancelled their membership as they no longer need this site.

  • Complete your profile by filling out all the areas. You don't have to write thousands of words but you should write enough to spark someone's curiousity so that they want to find out more about you.
  • Upload a good head and shoulders shot as your main photo. Ask a friend to take some photos of you in a good light when you're looking your best but also looking relaxed and natural. Don't try too hard but do focus on a good quality shot. It's the first thing anyone sees so it's your one chance to make a good impression.
  • Upload a few more good quality photos of yourself. These could be taken when you're relaxing, on holiday, or taking part in your favourite sport or hobby. Try to avoid group photos and don't add photos that put you in a bad light, literally or figuratively!
  • Consider recording a video introduction. Don't be shy - with a bit of practice you can easily record a minute or two of footage in which you introduce yourself. Rehearse it and do a few takes until you're satisfied with the result.
  • Participate in the site. Experiment with all its features, send messages and chat to people. It's all about patience, perserverance, honesty, and common sense. Keep in mind that the idea is to find someone to go out on a date with to see if the chemistry is there (not to have a relationship that's only online), and then to see if you both want to take things further.

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We're always pleased to greet new members, but we're even more happy to close the accounts of those who have found someone on our site and who therefore no longer need an online dating site.

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