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Honeymoon Destinations: Where To Go In 2013

The wedding is over, rings have been exchanged and the celebrations have taken place. For the bride and groom, however, the journey is just beginning and the honeymoon is a significant part of a couple’s time together. Here are some of the best destinations for 2013:


Renowned as the city of love, Paris is perhaps an easy, safe and even slightly conventional option but there’s a reason it maintains such a high level of popularity with newly-weds and that is down to the simple fact that it caters to couples. The city is beautiful and the views are amazing; be sure to sample some of Paris’ wonderful chocolate-covered crepes whilst sitting on the bank across from the Eiffel Tower. The surroundings are lovely and the people incredibly friendly and accessible. There is an abundance of fine hotels and newly wed couples are promised a fine time together indeed.

New York City

Sometimes the classics are the greatest options and New York City is a titan in that respect. From world-class dining to the finest culture in the world, New York City is easy to fall in love with and there’s never a lack of things to do, keeping new couples firmly on the ground. There are some wonderful jewellery stores in the city where, if you haven’t done so already, you can purchase that diamond ring you’ve been waiting for. Visiting the city requires activity and it’s not for those looking to relax; visit the famed Empire State Building, Rockefeller Centre, Times Square or The Bronx Zoo and have the experience of a lifetime, surrounded by the kinetic energy of one of the greatest cities in the world.


Again, Rome is similar to Paris in that it’s a famed city known for its courtship with the age of romanticism. The romantic culture, stemming from its simply sublime cuisine and wondrous art, is great to be around, especially for those just starting married life together. I would suggest getting a good fix of the tourist locations, such as The Vatican and the Colosseum, as they shouldn’t be missed but Rome isn’t a frenetic city and having a relaxed holiday is entirely possible.


I love this suggestion because it promotes such a prestigious and elegant start to a marriage. For me, the Maldives is a far superior honeymoon destination to the Caribbean; couples can coolly stroll down the golden sand beaches, the diamond ring glinting in the welcoming sunshine and relax, drinking cocktails whilst enjoying scenic views out over the crystal clear ocean. Maldives caters exclusively to those seeking a luxurious holiday and so newly-weds aren’t new clientele to them. Many of the islands and resorts are well equipped for couples and romance is always in the air.

Cape Town

I have to admit that Cape Town is not a location I’m entirely familiar with but after some research I noticed that it was a popular choice. Cape Town is perhaps the most attractive and vibrant city in South Africa, a perfect getaway after your glitzy wedding where the party never stops. Sat in between Table Mountain and the Cape Peninsula, Cape Town is also one of the most beautiful locations on Earth. There is a great selection of online honeymoon accommodations to choose from, each more wonderful than the last, so there will be no problem finding a suitable place to stay. Tour the caves, take a helicopter ride over the city or even go swimming with sharks; Cape Town offers an experience unlike any other and could be the perfect after-wedding holiday.

Ross Davies writing for DeBretts Online Jewellery the specialists in new and second hand engagement rings.

First date tips for men

First dates are always a nervous experience and after spending weeks chatting to someone online, your expectations are probably sky high, but even though you desperately want the date to be a success, there are many things that can go wrong. So how can men increase their chances of first date success?

1. Make a good first impression – a woman likes to see that a man has made an effort to dress up too, since it is highly likely she has spent hours getting ready for her date with you! Wear something smart and appropriate for the venue. For example, jeans might be fine for a coffee shop date, but not if you are taking her to a fancy restaurant.

2. Do not be late – nothing shows a lack of respect more than turning up late for a first date. A few minutes might be forgivable if parking is an issue or something unexpected happens, but any more than that and consider it a black mark against you.

3. Demonstrate good manners at all times during your date. This includes holding doors open, pulling out chairs, and making sure your date has a drink. It doesn’t include being rude to serving staff and behaving in an arrogant and overbearing manner.

4. Be respectful towards your date and behave in a gentlemanly manner from start to finish. Some men assume that because they have paid for dinner and drinks, their date is somehow beholden to them, but this is definitely not the case, so don’t get annoyed if your date says thanks, but no thanks at the end of the evening—it is her prerogative.

5. Always pay for the lady on a first date. It may be the 21st century and you’re broke, but even if she offers to go halves, thank her politely but foot the bill anyway—it’s what a gentleman does.

6. Be careful not to misread her body language – lots of men find it impossible to judge whether a woman fancies them (or not) and end up making a fool of themselves at the end of a first date. They make a move, are rejected, and then feel silly. So the golden rule is: if you are not sure whether she’s into you, play it safe and just go for a kiss on the cheek. And if she DOES like you, she will say yes to a second date if asked!

7. If you like her let her know—women dislike men who play stupid mind games just as much as men dislike it when women do the same. You could wait three days before calling her, but what’s the point? She might have lost interest by then and met someone else!

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